Your organization needs to know what demand fluctuations to expect, including shortages and competitor interruptions.

It can take several weeks to months to ramp up production to address the market gap due to drug shortages. This makes for an uncertain market, as manufacturers cannot predict which products will be in short supply or how long the shortage will last.


Manufacturers need to respond proactively to supply uncertainty; USP Medicine Supply Map Insights can provide the essential data needed.


"The USP Medicine Supply Map is helping us identify upstream vulnerabilities in the supply chain for various essential medicines and determine those where Phlow’s capabilities in advanced manufacturing, can have the biggest impact,” said Dave Levin, M.D., Chief Medical and Information Officer of Phlow Corp.

Medicine Supply Map Insights can help your organization diversify its active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) supply.

  • Over 80% of United States active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and drug product manufacturers' locations are identified within the data.
  • API manufacturers are traced for 40% of US Rx labels.
  • Medicine Supply Map Insights is updated on a monthly basis, so your organization can remain informed on the impacts of drug shortages.




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